Johnny White Really-Really: Pigeons

Johnny is quite tall with a rakish air and a GSOH. He has made two series of short comedic films for Vice called Let's Consider and now he presents Pigeons, his debut stand-up hour in which the big questions (life, death, stag do angst) are bravely tackled and bravely abandoned. Lengthy imaginings about James Nesbitt snuggle up against tall tales of magic mirrors. There are also some more run-of-the-mill jokes about supermarkets and that kind of carry-on. Directed by Daran Johnson (Sheeps, Siblings). 'Watching this show is like having a very good dream' (Liam Williams).
Show info
Times & Dates:17th and 18th February 2018, 8:45pm
Place:VAULT Festival, Leake Street, London, SE1 7NN