Plimmin’ and Lompin’: The Care Home Tour

'Lompin': The Care Home Tour' In October, Pope Lonergan and Ben Target will be putting on their inaugural care home gig for residents at Madelayne Court Care Home in Chelmsford, Essex. It will be a mixture of antic physical comedy, clowning, prop comedy, stand-up and interactive games. There'll be something for residents with and without dementia. The purpose of these nights, which are just for the general public, is to provide a mini-showcase of the kind of acts that will feature at the gig in Chelmsford. Pope Lonergan (comedian and care worker) will also share some of his experiences caring for the elderly in between sets. Come along to see a fantastic line-up! Supported by NextUp.
Some words by Liam ‘Pope’ Lonergan, writer, comedian and care-home worker:
“People treat their elderly residents like potted plants: make sure they’re watered and keep them out of direct sunlight. Having worked as a care assistant for nearly 5 years - having spent my days interacting with them, consoling them, being shown around the neighbourhood of their memories - I can assure you that their twilight years aren’t just a protracted terminus. The brain’s efficacy may have diminished but they’re still endowed with the wants, needs and complexities of a younger generation. Dementia doesn’t smother their capacity to feel joy; the plaques and tangles don’t deprive their emotions of oxygen. Through observation, and supporting research, I’ve found that the feedline / punchline of a conventional joke is too complicated for someone with impaired neurological function; they’re unable to follow its logic. Though – having done my fair share of shit karate or shit ballet (and other comedic ‘business’) – they respond well to minor spectacle of physical and visual comedy. (I once did a twirl and they seemed to enjoy that. I did it again – not so much the second time.) With this in mind, Ben Target and I have brought together a troupe of entertainers who specialise in this style of comedy. Our plan is to take these performers to as many different care homes as possible and provide the residents with some much-needed levity. Old people aren’t plants. That’s the message. And old people with dementia allow us to “reconsider our relationship to time [because dementia] is about living in (and so, for) the moment”. This coincides with the live comedy experience where a big part of the thrill is the spontaneity and precariousness of the moment. So what better way to honour all of those living with this disease than to embrace the Present and enjoy the Now with silly, antic comedy!”
28th Sept Line Up
Elf Lyons Helen Duff Ed Aczel Marny Godden Michael Wheeler Ben Target Pope Lonergan
29th Sept Line Up
Adam Larter Luke McQueen Spencer Jones Michael Wheeler Joz Norris Michael Brunström Ben Target Pope Lonergan
3rd Oct Line Up
Mark Dean Quinn Kathryn Bond Dan Lees Adam Riches Ben Target Pope Lonergan
Show Info
Aces and Eights, NW5 2HP:28th and 29th Sept, 7:30pm
Betsy Trotwood, EC1R 3BL:3rd Oct, 7:30pm