Sheeps: Bad Lads Don’t Skit

Everything is going well in the wider world. No crises on the horizon. As a planet, we’ve never been as unified in working towards a future that shines brighter every day. There is absolutely nothing whatsoever to worry about on either a global or societal level. Seeing that the coast is finally clear, the Sheeps three are reuniting, despite never having broken up. It will be lots of new sketches and no old sketches. So if you mainly like our older stuff and feel it’s maybe not so good anymore, then this one’s not for you. But if you want to see new (worse? maybe) sketches from some old masters (sheeps, Time Out’s ‘Ones To Watch, 2006') then see it. I BET, cards on the table, we’re talking five or six new ones that’re really great and we’ll come to see as our new ‘bankers’ and then, say, ten more sketches that are basically fine. Nothing to quote. Just fine. Probably at least one real shit-hole of a sketch; a real misstep, which we lose confidence in about halfway through and attempt to ride out by just doing it faster, which of course means you’ll hear less of it and like it even less and then the sketch that comes after it (good or bad) will take a BIT of a hit. Ten pounds. (is it? haven’t checked price. Tenner seems fair, do not go higher). Nobody books Sheeps for gigs anymore. Why? Because everybody thinks we’ve broken up. But people only think we’ve broken up because we don’t do any gigs anymore. So we decided to do our own new show, so people will conclude we’ve reunited and start booking us for gigs again. Also, in all fairness, we almost exclusively perform sketches from our 2011 show when we do slots on other people’s comedy nights, so it’s possible people just don’t want to book us to do the same thing over and over and over and over. We have one we always do which is about Oliver Twist and one we always do which is about a sort of Frankenstein and sometimes we do one where we pretend to be the Chuckle Brothers. But we’re not going to do any of those in this show. Because it’s just new stuff. New sketches and maybe probably songs as well. And…yep, no that’s all there is to say. Hope everyone’s having a great summer, in six months’ time or so. Hope everyone’s coming to the show in January, even though it’s supposedly selling okay, so unsure why we need to write this bit. Better to have a half-full room of people who’re really ‘into it’ than a full one where people are clock-watching a little, y’know? And…no, yep, that’s it. One hour-ish. New sketches. PROBABLY no theme or over-arching story, but if one emerges while we’re writing it then there will be a theme or an over-arching story. All proceeds go to Walkers Crisps.
Show info
Times & Dates:27th and 28th January 2018, 9:15pm
Place:VAULT Festival, Leake Street, London, SE1 7NN